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by Lydia Aguayo, real estate agent in Downey, Keller Williams Realty

Still A Strong Seller’s Market:

Southern California real estate remains very strong, mid way into 2017.  All counties in Southern California have continued their upward climb in median home price appreciation.   That’s great news for you if you are a seller.

Los Angeles County Median Home Prices:

Real Estate in Los Angeles County has lead much of the way.  Just in the past 12 months alone, median home prices in Los Angeles County rose an average of 6.6 percent, from $516,000 to $550,000.

Orange County Median Home Prices:

Orange County, where the median home price is now $675,000, has seen the second highest appreciate rates in the nation second only to San Francisco, California.

Downey Median Home Prices:

Here in our City of Downey, California, we have seen our median home prices increase by 5.4 percent, from $490,000 to $516,500, within the past 12 months alone.

Protracted Appreciation:

During our last recession, U.S. housing construction plummeted by some 80 percent!  As a result, we have seen a very slow and gradual return in new home construction.  This in turn has caused many existing home owners to stay put and not put many of their homes for sale.  Since 2010, the low but steady return of job, along with gradual but consistently improving  economy, the demand for home ownership has exceed the supply of existing homes for sale.

The Good News For Home Buyers:

Although Southern California home buyers have had it more challenging as they seek home ownership in a low inventory market, there is a silver lining.  That is that interest have remained at historic lows.   

Home owners still have time to lock in a very low fixed interest rate before rates begin their own upward climb.  Also, home buyers can leverage the skill and expertise of a good real estate agent to help them with that challenging home search.

As such, it is still a great real estate market for both sellers and buyers.


Author: Aguayo Lydia

Lydia Aguayo has been selling real estate in Downey, California, and in southeast Los Angeles County full-time and continuously for over 25-years. She loves helping people and consulting them throughout the entire real estate sales process.

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