What Home Buyers Want In Their Home

what home buyers want in a home
Lydia Aguayo, Realtor in Downey CA with Keller Williams Realty.

Today, what buyers want in a home is more updated features and style”.

Good School District And Safe Neighborhoods: 

Of course, for residential real estate, the best locations have always been about safe neighborhoods and good schools districts. What parents wouldn’t want the best possible education for their children in a safe environment?

Good school districts and safe neighborhoods are most important factors in determining higher home values.

Yet, these days, what buyers want in a home is more than just good neighborhoods and good school districts.  Home buyers want more in updated features that allow for more comfort and style.  Some of these features include:


Re-Design Of A Home:

Buyers now want more open space.  In fact buyers are more willing to give up on a greater number of rooms in exchange for more open floor plans and wider areas that offer more in view and natural lighting.

Other more desirable features include:

Office nook – There has been declining interest in having a separate home office. Instead, more clients ask for an office nook off the main living space so that parents can better monitor their children while the kids are online.

Garage access – Buyers are even more conscious about the convenient direct access to a garage rather than having to run out to a detached garage in the rain, or to have to go up or down stairs.

Mud room – Also, a garage that walks into an area in the laundry room is desirable.  You want a ‘mud room’ that has a bench and some storage for boots that’s done in a hardwood or laminate floor where you can drop everything like backpacks and jackets.

Built-in storage – Kids come with clutter. Parents are wanting a lot of built-in storage in bedrooms, attics, spaces under stairs, and even hidden storage behind bookshelves.

This goes to show home buying choices and home buying trends are always changing and evolving.


Author: Aguayo Lydia

Lydia Aguayo has been selling real estate in Downey, California, and in southeast Los Angeles County full-time and continuously for over 25-years. She loves helping people and consulting them throughout the entire real estate sales process.

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